Rosa Golden Celebration: the regal aristocracy of terry buds


English rose Golden Celebration from David Austin Roses, from the Austin collection, was bred in the UK more than 20 years ago. This superb variety in all respects, forming flowers with amber-yellow and yellow-cream petals, is beautiful and elegant and got its unusual name in honor of the Queen’s “golden anniversary”.

Grade description

Like most David Austin's English park roses, Golden Celebration has successfully passed the frost test in central Russia.

In addition, the rose has other advantages:

  • the formation of dense and very delicate flowers of a copper-yellow color unusual for English roses;
  • abundant flowering, beginning in early summer, with subsequent rapidly repeating waves of repeated flowering until autumn;
  • powerful and fairly strong bush with a rounded spreading crown;
  • tallness: the average height of the bush, subject to growing technology and the creation of optimal conditions, is 1.5-2 m;
  • bush grown in a wattled form reaches a height of 2.5 m with a width of 1.8 m;
  • shoots arcuate, moderately banded; the foliage is brilliant, bright green;
  • increased winter hardiness and high resistance to the most common diseases.

How to plant an English rose (video)

When growing, it should be remembered that the variety is highly demanding on the soil composition and grows best on humus-rich, loamy, breathable, water-intensive and slightly acidic soils.

Landing technology

For planting Golden Celebration roses, plots that are lit by the sun for at least five hours a day are ideal. The average period of cultivation of a rose bush in the same place is 15 years, therefore, the soil for planting should be fertile, breathable, moisture-resistant and non-acidified. You can not select areas with a high location of groundwater.

You also need to consider that the variety does not like drafts and gusty winds. When landing, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • immediately before planting, soak the open root system of plants for several hours in water with the addition of root stimulating preparations;
  • when planting seedlings with a closed root system, use the transshipment method, which allows to preserve the earthen lump as much as possible;
  • if necessary, dig the area, completely clear of weeds and fertilize well with humus or organic matter;
  • make landing pits proportionate to the volume of the root system of seedlings.

After planting, plants need to be abundantly watered and shaded for the first week.

Care Features

In Russia, the roses of David Austin appeared a little more than 10 years ago. All varieties from David Austin Roses do not need any high-tech care and are ideal for amateur gardeners. Golden Celebration Rose Care Activities are as follows:

  • in carrying out top dressing at least twice a year;
  • in the implementation of the first feeding three weeks after the appearance of leaves;
  • in carrying out the second top dressing simultaneously with the removal of the first bud: this contributes to better flowering;
  • in providing regular watering (the average water consumption per plant should be 4-5 liters);
  • in systematic weeding and loosening of soil to increase its air permeability;
  • in treating plants with modern insectofungicides at the first sign of disease or pest damage.

A characteristic feature of all varieties of David Austin Roses is a change in the intensity of the aroma of flowers depending on the time of day, temperature and humidity.

Reviews and tips for gardeners

Rosa Golden Celebration is deservedly considered one of the best varieties with amber flowers. Depending on the soil and climatic conditions of different regions of Russia, the description of the bush may vary. Plant height varies from 1 to 2.5 m. According to the observations of gardeners, the bush is sprawling, fast-growing. In central Russia, it is most often cultivated as a shrub. In regions with a warm and mild climate, judging by the reviews of rose growers, the variety has perfectly established itself as a climbing rose.

The insignificant disadvantages of the rose include the tendency of the shoots to bend under the weight of the flowers. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that in length the bush grows much stronger than in width, therefore, it needs competent pruning and shaping. In addition, when planting in too sunny areas without shading, the flowers burn out very much, and the petals rot in rainy weather.

English roses: pruning (video)

Nevertheless, the Golden Celebration cultivar has always received high marks due to its long flowering, lasting from the last decade of May until a strong fall in the cold. Rose refers to re-flowering varieties. The flowers are large, densely doubled, can be located both singly and collected in inflorescences. Another varietal advantage many gardeners consider the pronounced rich aroma with fruity notes characteristic of David Austin Roses plants.